Questions to ask your florist

Questions to ask your florist

Maura's Cottage Flowers gives us some tips on choosing the right florist for your big day. 

How long are they specialising in wedding flowers?

Will they be doing all the creative work themselves personally?

Will they be delivering the flowers on the wedding day and help to set everything up or will the flowers just be delivered?

Are they familiar with the church and venue?

Does the florist create bespoke pieces for instance cake toppers or hair florals?

Can you meet me again for a final consultation in the weeks coming up to the wedding to finalise everything?

Useful information for a florist

Give the florist a contact name and number for the day of the wedding(a bride should not have to be dealing with minor issues on the morning of her wedding).

List location and directions to delivery addresses for the following.

Where to meet the bride on the morning of the wedding.

Where to meet the groom on the morning of the wedding.

What time the photographer is arriving.

The time the ceremony begins.

A list of names for people receiving flowers on the day.

The name of the wedding co-coordinator on duty. 

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