Penny Dahl & Neil Browne  
July 28 2018 –The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens 
Photos courtesy of David Hegarty Photography 
California native Penny Dahl first met Kerry man Neil Browne when she decided to leave the U.S indefinitely and travel the world. “It was fate. I sold my house and car, quit my job and ended up in Ireland without ever planning to. I met Neil in Kerry and fell in love with both him and the county. It was an instant connection rooted in creativity, humour and compassion,” Penny recalls. Neil proposed while the couple were celebrating an early Christmas in Kerry. After a dinner in Sol y Sombra restaurant, the couple returned home to exchange presents. “Neil began pacing and said he had one more gift, and that’s when I knew,” Penny reveals, and of course she said yes. The date was set to July 28,2018 with a ceremony in a local barn known as The Woolshed in Killorglin, which the couple had decorated and ornamented to fit a bespoke wedding theme, followed by the reception in The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens.
Venue The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens
Cake Cakes by Deborah
Memorable moments  
Penny recalls the emotional and sentimental depth that came with the speeches as a particularly special memory. “A few people said it was the first time they wanted wedding speeches to go on longer! It was lovely to express our sentiments and to hear our most loved ones express theirs,” she remembers. Neil says the surprised and shocked reaction of the guests as they entered the revamped and beautifully decorated Woolshed will forever stay in his mind. “Watching Penny’s face as she first entered the building too, seeing it for the first time since I added some secret finishing touches to the place, will stay with me for a while. Everything I do, I do for her so it made it so worthwhile to see her reaction,” Neil says.
Personal touches  
Some of Penny’s American relatives could not make the ceremony, including her 103 year-old great-grandmother, and so the couple had their ceremony broadcasted live to California for everyone to tune in.  The celebrant was the groom’s best friend and the couple also opted for poetry readings instead of religious ones.
How was your experience with the Dunloe Hotel & Gardens? 
“Our experience with the Dunloe Hotel was wonderful. The staff are extremely professional, flexible and easy to work with. The venue is stunning. Each public area has its own beautiful personality and the bridal suite we stayed in was absolutely amazing – so vast and beautiful that I wish we hadn’t gone to bed at five AM so we could have spent longer in it! The Hotel’s grounds are breath-taking and made for beautiful photographs. The reception room was the most beautiful and made a perfect setting for our day. The food was wonderful and the service was impeccably fast and responsive. The amount of work put in by the Dunloe staff continues to impress us to this day and we highly recommend them as a wedding venue.” 
Photography by David Hegarty Photography

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