Do it yourself wedding

Do it yourself wedding


By Niamh Hanlon 

Nothing adds more of a personal touch to your wedding day than a little bit of DIY. Not only will it add a personal flare to your wedding but it’s also perfect if you’re a bride on budget. There are many things that you can do for your wedding to save you a little bit of money but also make your wedding very personal and intimate.  

DIY Wedding Decor 

Every bride and groom have the perfect idea of what they want their wedding décor to look like. What better way to get the look you want other than doing it yourself. Extravagant ceiling hangings may be expensive so why not try make some yourself. Petals and artificial flowers are perfect for this. Fairy lights make for perfect decorations. Centre pieces are something that you can really get crafty with. Why not make each centre piece unique to the guests sitting at the table. Guests will be amazed if some of the décor has your name on it. It adds a personal touch. 

Personalised photos & guest book  

An idea that we absolutely adore is to make a scrapbook for your wedding day.  Why not make a scrapbook that you and your partner can cherish forever. This idea involves making a scrapbook personalised with photos of you and your partner. All from when you first met until he/she popped the question. Use a polaroid camera so guests can add a photo to it. Cut out pieces of paper in a certain shape and let them write their own messages before adding them to the scrapbook.  It will make your guest book very personal and much more than just a signature.  

Keeping the kids entertained 

If you are planning on having children at your wedding then you need a way to keep them entertained. Put together a little package for the little ones. Add some sweets or colours with a small colouring book. Tie them together with a little bow or with a piece of string. This is something that is very easy to put together and very cheap to do to. The children can also add their drawings to the scrapbook, what better way to add that personal touch.  

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