A dreamy proposal in Dubai for Ann Marie and Kieran

A dreamy proposal in Dubai for Ann Marie and Kieran

December 22, 2018- St Mary’s Cathedral & The Brehon  

Ann Marie Nolan & Kieran Buckley 

Photos courtesy of Tara Donoghue Photography 


It was thanks to a love of hurling and a mutual friend’s introduction that Anne Marie Nolan met Kieran Buckley. The pair hit it off after meeting at a game and their relationship blossomed from there. For the beautiful bride, Kieran’s proposal came totally unexpectedly.  

We were living in Brisbane, Australia when Kieran planned a surprise trip home for my birthday with a stopover in DubaiHe managed to keep the details of the trip a secret for months, until just days before we were due to leave, one of his work mates accidently let slip that we were going home to IrelandOnce we reached Dubai we went out for a beautiful meal in the Burj Al Arab, during our meal the couple next to us got engaged. Little did I know Kieran was planning on doing the same thing!  

When we got back to the hotel and I was in my pj’s Kieran gave me a beautiful Tiffany’s necklace for my birthday. When I looked at it, I could see the back was engraved with Will you marry me?I was in total shock and just looked at Kieran who had gone down on bended knee at this stageI started crying and the following morning we went to pick out the ring together, we even got to see it being made”, Ann Marie shared.  



Photographer Tara Donoghue Photography 

Venue The Brehon Hotel  


A special toast 

Kieran’s mother passed away six weeks before our wedding day. It was important to us that she was remembered and was part of our big day, so we had a beautiful candle made which we lit on the alter along with the marriage candle to remember her. After the ceremony the bridal party went to Aghadoe to her graveside and had a toast in her honour. It was a really special moment and something that meant so much to both of us.”, the bride said.  



Tara was such a pleasure to deal with from the very first time we met with herBoth her and Dave are relaxed and energetic and were loads of fun on the dayI really wanted to capture the morning fun and preparations for both Kieran and I, so hiring this husband and wife duo was perfect for us. Between the both of them they cover everything and everyone! We can’t recommend them highly enough.” 



As a Kilkenny lady myself, I was not very familiar with Killarney hotels, but once I stepped foot into the Brehon I knew this was where I wanted to get married. The hotel itself is beautiful and it is even more outstanding at Christmas! All our guests were blown away with the standard of the food. Caitriona and Sharon were a delight to deal with and very helpful from start to finish. 

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