Why you should shop locally for you wedding  

By Ann Cronin 

 The many benefits of finding your bridal must-buys in your local area. 

 Supporting your own community 

Shopping locally means you’re giving back to the community in which you are a part of and can do your part to support those who give the area its vibrancy and ensure their business continues to flourish. 

 Expertise and efficiency 

The fact that local suppliers are usually independent businesses means that they must be popular and well-established for good reason, and clearly have been well-received by many happy couples in the past. If you look into how long each business has been serving newly-weds for and their award-winning history, you will see that the proof is in the pudding. 

 Familiarity and experience 

Local suppliers will be very familiar with the wedding scene in your area and will be able to give strong and well-seasoned advice regarding other suppliers, locations and venues. No one is more qualified to guide you through the marrying in the local area that those who are right in the heart of its wedding business.  

 Money saving and convenience 

Couples can find that shopping locally saves on costs in the long run, as ordering products online or travelling around the country in search of suppliers can add significantly to costs. In addition, when things need to be revisited, altered or viewed, it is much less time-consuming and costly if the suppliers are only a stone’s throw away.

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