Caring for your wedding dress throughout your wedding day 

By Ann Cronin 

After months (or maybe years) of searching for the perfect wedding dress and then going through countless fittings and alterations, its natural you want to look after it as best you can throughout the big day. We’ve put together our tips and tricks for managing and taking care of your wedding dress throughout the celebrations.  

 Protective armour  

During transportation and throughout the wedding morning, your dress should be in its protected covering and hung up correctly. Make sure the dress is stored in a dry and safe place while hair and make-up are being taken care of, and keep it well out of reach of any potential spills and stains. If you’re choosing to have a drink after you are dressed, have a clean white towel over your front to protect the dress. If you haven’t hired professional wedding cars, ask a loved one to clean out any vehicle you’re travelling in and have clean towels or blankets to sit on throughout the journey.  

Tools of convenience 

There are some items which can make caring for your dress more convenient throughout the day. You can get a loop to wear on your wrist and attach to the dress during dancing walking around. Some dresses have detachable skirts or trains which can be removed as you wish to get more comfortable. While eating and drinking, make use of napkins and serviettes to protect your dress as best you can from any accidental spills.  Your married friends or family are also worth utilising here – ask them for their tips and experiences from managing their own wedding gowns.  

Protect from the elements 

When getting from to A to B, ensure you have your entourage surrounding you to keep the ends of your dress held off the ground. If it is raining you will need extra hands supporting umbrellas or shelter while you’re outdoors. Avoid areas in which puddle splashes or mud could make contact with you attire. If taking photos outside, look into the possibility of having a sheet or clean panel to pose on to avoid contact with the ground and dirt. Photographers are usually skilled in hiding and reducing visibility of any protective sheets you may be standing on so don’t worry about this ruining any photos. Make a conscious effort not to brush off any surfaces or plants.  

 Bathroom bothers 

Just like you’d practice dancing or sitting down during your dress fittings, you should also practice hiking up the gown for bridal bathroom breaks. Some dresses may be easy enough to manage, but if you’re having problems you will need to organize a bunch of your leading ladies to help you out on the day. If wearing an extra under-layer doesn’t bother you, you can get various slips and tools that can bunch the dress in and allow you have a freed hand throughout the process, but we would still recommend having a gal pal or two present to help you out. If you have a room in your reception venue, we recommend heading back there for bathroom breaks to ensure it is a clean and private area.

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