A guide for the budgeting bride 

By Ann Cronin 

In the lead up to their wedding, every bride is trying to put some money aside and save on expenses where possible. There are a lot of easy ways to save a few euros and cents along the way so here are our suggestions for the financially savvy bride. 

 Have a plan 

Before you do anything, you need to have a budget plan written up that outlines your total budget and the individual expense allowance for each aspect of the wedding. You should also have your wedding numbers and the cost per head calculated and taken from the budget so that you know how much is remaining. From here, you can decide if the remaining budget is adequate for what you want, or if you wish to find ways to put more money towards the day.   

Utilise your talents 

To save money here and there, the best course of action is to decide what is necessary to purchase and what can be achieved by you and your partner for a fraction of the cost. Crafty couples can work at creating ornaments, decorations and other aspects of their wedding themselves, while a lot of prints can be digitalised and sorted online for a fraction of the cost. Many couples utilise loved ones talents for cost-saving as well. Decide what areas of the wedding are less of a priority to you and what can be achieved without paying for someone else’s assistance.  

Cut corners 

The sad aspect of saving for your dream day is having to make sacrifices in your everyday life, but unfortunately it can be essential. Try to cut down on every and any unnecessary expenses that you and your partner may be indulging in, such as petrol use or leisurely days-out. Implementing financial intelligence into your everyday lifestyle will serve you well in putting a bit of money aside every week. Combining hen and stag celebrations, or even having a house party as your single-life send-off will also be a benefit.  

Be creative 

Don’t let wedding traditions make you feel obligated to include certain elements into your day. Your wedding can be totally individual and unique to you and you don’t have to make certain expenses for any areas or suppliers which you don’t see as completely necessary. Outline you and your partners top priorities for your wedding day and focus more expense on those, and try think of money-saving alternatives for any remaining aspects of the day.

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